Nakshi Katha

Nakshi Katha

History which tells us about our flourishing past:

In Bangladesh, we have a glorious past of about 100 years. During this long time, our ancestors face so many things. They faced liberation war, they faced flood, drought, they faced departure, they are witness of freedom and prosperity.

From the very early period, our women sewed their stories in clothes, known as Nakshi Katha. It connects us with them and their stories.

Nakshi Katha:

There is no exact idea when Nakshi Katha was first sewn. Kantha is first mentioned in the book Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita written by Krishnadas Kabiraj five hundred years ago. We are a very blessed nation with a rich heritage of literature. Different writers wrote poems and literature about Nakshi Katha.

The housewife makes Nakshi Katha with old clothes and colorful treads. They sew different types of designs which tell about the history. Some people use it to decorate homes but previously it was used for the preclusion of cold.

Famous area for Nakshi Katha:

Bangladesh has a rich history in every corner. But Rajhshahi, Jamalpur, Bogura, and Myanmanshing are famous for it. Nakshi Kantha is deeply rooted in our cultural heritage.

Though it is a famous sewing art people have decreased using it. As a result, the industry is in danger. This art contains a large amount of our heritage if we lose this we will lose a big part of our culture. From a very early age, art connected us with our roots.

If we want to stay connected with our culture, we need to increase the use of Nakshi Katha.

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