What is Nakshi Katha?

What is heritage?

Cultural heritage is the legacy of cultural resources and intangible attributes of a group or society that is inherited from past generations.

Why heritage is important in our life?

Our heritage shows us our history and introduces us to our ancestors’ livelihood. In Bangladesh, we are bounded by a rich historical culture. From our heritage, we came to know their struggle, happiness, pain, and the way they used to live their life hood.

Is it possible to feel them every day?

Yes, it is. our ancestors used to make different types of things like Nakshi Katha. They sew their stories there.

What is Nakshi Katha?

The word ‘kantha’ is thought to have originated from the Sanskrit word ‘kantha’ and the Prakrit word ‘kaththa’. Nakshi kantha is a part of the folk art of Bangladesh. Usually, old clothes are fringe of yarn, or a weaver of blue, red, and yellow, and the clothes are stitched yarn. The women of the countryside make kantha by sewing thin cloth, mainly old cloth, in layers. Most of the village women are skilled in this industry. Usually, it takes one year or more than one year to make a Nakshi Kantha.

From Where we can get the Nakshi Katha?

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